Electric Fin Stabiliser

Humphree’s New Electric All Speed Fin Stabilisation system. Proud winner of Dame Design Award 2015.

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Xun Long 3 Ferry - Humphree Interceptor Steering Assistance

"After the last adjustment to Xun Long 3’s Steer Assist System on 9 January 2015 till now, it has been a month, and compared to data from the same date last year, fuel savings of approximately 2.8%, better course stability, stable equipment.

Best partner for waterjet-propelled vesels, trustworthy fuel savings method"

— Mr Zhang Zhi Guang
Technical Department Supervisor, Shenzhen Xunlong Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

“The Humphree Interceptor system is the best new product we have used in the last 10 years”

— Peter Duclos
Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

34 feet Down Easter “No Idea”

“Thank you so much for your help! I would never have believed the positive impact of Humphee ATOS and BTOS with the hull mods made to “No Idea”. It's like a new boat.

At first, we sea-trialed her in Maine with full fuel and six guys. Today, with near full fuel, 25 galls of water, light gear, me and my wife; it was impressive. I deploy less than

20% of blade for ATOS but the real treat is BTOS! Unreal!!!

Thanks for everything and I'm happy to demonstrate as needed.

— Fred Alibrandi


Humphree ACTIVE system in Riverhawk Seastriker 22m

"I just wanted to reflect on today's evolution during operations in the gulf and how the boat handled in the various sea states. On the way out through the bay, the interceptors responded extremely well and kept the boat very even keel. There was a following sea with 2-3 chop which had zero effect on the ride at 46 knots. Upon passing the Skyway Bridge, we encountered a starboard beam sea which again was very navigable with the interceptors and a speed of 40-45 knots. Upon reaching the breakwater at Egmont Key, the seas picked up to a good 3-5 ft swell with a starboard quartering sea and I brought the boat down to 30-35 to test the handling as we transited this narrow stretch into the open seas. The interceptors again kept the boat stable although we were beginning to catch a few "small" launches off of the crests but nothing to concern yourself with. In my past experiences with the XXX's, we would have already been struggling trying to keep her even keel with the helmsman turning the tiller to stbd with quick movements to counter the quartering seas. The interceptors took care of this for me and I pretty much kept the tiller loose in my hand and let the boat steer itself. This is a very strong advantage to assisting the helmsman during long transits and reducing his fatigue."

"We headed back towards the channel and immediately were able to do 30-35 knots with the following seas. The interceptors kept her steady and it was very easy to keep a course. In the channel, we caught a few jumps but nothing to worry about. At the entrance to Egmont, I brought her up to 40 knots and again she kept a good course regardless of the quartering seas now on our port beam aft. The rest of the trip in was done at 35 knots and then 40 knots once inside the bay. This part of the trip was into a 2-3 chop which we blew right through. I am very happy with what I saw today, it was a very good day with valuable data."

Great job pushing the envelope!

— Adrian F. Bishop
Mission Assurance International

Sabre Yachts

Last winter Sabre built it's first 52 Salon Express with the Volvo IPS pod drive train. In this scenario the owner sought no new interior accommodation plans and was more interested in the pod technology, the joy stick docking and of course the fuel economy of a pod drive boat. The results were excellent and one of the important elements of this installation is the subject of todays blog. In our business there are many truly excellent products but I would have to place the Humphree Interceptor trim tab system in the "over the top" category.

Conventional trim tabs pivot from a point at the transom corner and displace water coming off the hull bottom to push the bow down. There is a lot of pressure on conventional "flap" style tabs and most use electrical power or hydraulic pressure to perform their function. The Interceptor principal is that a blade mounted on the vertical surface of the transom is deployed downwards into the water below the hull bottom surface, 90 degrees to the water flowing over the hull bottom. This small amount of surface area creates a high pressure area forward of the blade and in doing so creates hydrodynamic lift.

Our experience on the 52 was excellent and the product is performing well in service. The system installed on the 52 IPS has several memory settings allowing the operator to preset for specific load and weight circumstances such as high/low fuel, sea conditions etc. At the high end of their range are adaptive systems which learn by themselves and trim the boat to a predetermined state and will even adjust for wave conditions to lessen roll. Amazing stuff and worthy of a look and a "Gold Star" from the Sabre team.

Have a great and level weekend!

— Sabre Team

Statement by Captain Ed Szilagyi, captain of a Spencer 70 custom built sport fisher.

“After two boats, about 6 years and over 3000 hours using the Humphree Trim Control System I can, with experience and knowledge, say that this is one of the finest systems for trim control of a boat on the planet.

Our first boat was a 51’ Riviera and we had the Humphree System installed and only had the manual controls for trim. That system worked very well without any problems in the three years we had the boat and to date the current owner has experienced no reported problems.

We then had a 70’ Custom Paul Spencer Sportfish boat built for us and installed the Humphree System with all the ride control features that are available. The new boat with the automatic system is fantastic.

Getting up on plane the system automatically deploys and no bow rise. When we are in a sea the system automatically compensates for roll and there is a dramatic improvement in the ride with the system On vs Off.

Hard turns feel very comfortable as the system does not allow the boat to heel too much. The system automatically deploys the interceptor to reduce the roll in a turn to the preset limit.

I would very highly recommend the Humphree System.

Thanks for manufacturing such a great system.

Comment by Humphree: The Spencer 70 is equipped with ACTIVE and CTOS

— Capt. Ed Szilagyi

Statement by Captain Alistair Bendall, captain of a Technomar 35meter yacht.

“MY Revolver is a 35 meter Technomar Velvet, she was originally built with trim tabs, these were removed and up graded to Humphrees, during a large mechanical refit.
On the first sea trial to set them up i was amazed at how much fuel consumption was reduced as we set them up. They also improved our turning circle at speed by a huge amount.
They are easy to use, just turn them on and off you go! In adverse weather they can be easily trimmed to give a better ride.
Great company and great product, next yacht i build, Humphree will be the automatic choice.”

Comment by Humphree: This Technomar 35m uses 4 x H1200 plus control systems BTOS + CTOS (Automatic Trim & List plus Coordinated Turn)

— Captain Alistair Bendall

Kilimanjaro III

You will be pleased to know that the last two boats that we built 053 “Cat Cocos – Islae of La Digue” and 054 “Kilimanjaro III” are both running very well with their Humphree systems.

I have just returned from two weeks in Tanzania where KIII did her maiden voyage, just the day after being unloaded from the heavy lift ship. News had spread of the new vessel and she was full with 575 passengers for the voyage from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam. The seas in this region are rarely large, but there is a fairly regular equatorial swell which can be confused when it reflects off the coast. Wind waves are over the top and can cause some pitching.

The Humphree system smoothed the motion of the vessel beautifully and helped to point out the difference between KIII with the active interceptors and KI and KII that do not have the Humphree system.

— Roger James
Sales & Marketing manager, Richardson Devine Marine

Fantome cat

I would just like to express my thanks to the team at Humphree AB for the supply and installation of our new system on our recently launched 30m Aluminium 300 passenger Ferry the “MV Fantome Cat”. The Fantome Cat was launched in March 2010 and over the pass 7 months we have seen significant fuel savings (10-13%) from this vessel from the previous new vessels that we built MV Palm Cat and the Maggie Cat and Sun Cat.

The Palm Cat was fitted with a competitors system that has worked efficiently for us, but the savings that we are seeing on fuel burn are tremendous, with the system already looking at paying for itself within the first 12 months of operation.

Also the support service we have experienced already from the Humphree Technicians has been second to none, when we had a small problem with the calibrations of the unit, the technician was on the plane and immediately here to help. The system has been set up so that the Master just needs to switch it on and forget it, which has proved to be very popular with them. We have identified that savings are being made whenever the vessel is travelling over 9knots.

We hope to continue to have a long working relationship with Humphree AB. I would have no hesitation in recommending and this system to other operators and I would happily encourage you to come and see the system in operation.

— Darin McDonald
General Manager, Sunferries PTY Ltd

Sabre 54 Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs

I’m 5’7”, and I sometimes have a hard time seeing over the foredecks of express-style boats coming onto plane. So I often depend on trim tabs to get a vessel’s bow down.

Happily, seeing over the foredeck wasn’t a problem for me on the Sabre 52 because she was equipped with large and beefy composite trim tabs that adjusted via switches at the helm controlling a servo motor located in the middle of each tab. These Humphree Interceptors had been installed after Sabre found that the Volvo Penta QL tabs weren’t getting the bow down quite low enough. You can see in the specs here that the test boat’s bow never rose above 4.5 degrees, thanks to the Interceptors.

In addition, these tabs featured an optional auto-trim control, which allow the software to adjust the trim without input from the helmsman.

— Power & Motoryacht

Xun Long 3 Ferry - Humphree Interceptor Steering Assistance

"After the last adjustment to Xun Long 3’s Steer Assist System on 9 January 2015 till now, it has been a month, and compared to data from the same date last year, fuel savings of approximately 2.8%, better course stability, stable equipment.

Best partner for waterjet-propelled vesels, trustworthy fuel savings method"

— Mr Zhang Zhi Guang
Technical Department Supervisor, Shenzhen Xunlong Shipping Co.,Ltd.